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Championing your Life using in vivo Quantum Biology. Naturally.

This Blog highlights developments in Quantum Life, Holographic Life and Quantum Biology as they relate to Raising the Quality of Your Life.
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Self-help experts take note! HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM IMAGING is here. Firmly planted in
in vivo
Quantum Biology, it is the Ultimate Self-care that uses all the Resources in the Universe!

Workshop on Quantum Biology (University of Surrey, 21 - 22 July 2017)

Workshop details:

This workshop is funded by EPSRC Physics of Life Network (PoLNet2)   http://www.physicsoflife.org.uk and is being run as a satellite meeting to the Biophysics Congress http://www.iupab2017.org/home taking place in Edinburgh earlier that week.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers and stakeholders from disparate communities working in or interested in the field of quantum biology, to help create a coherent network of activities and researchers in the UK and to catalyze sizeable research programs in a sustainable way.
The presentation by Dr. Tom Padikal is entitled:  HOLOGRAPHIC
QUANTUM IMAGING: a phenomenon that takes all the Resources in the Universe.

in vivo Quantum Biology research takes aim on stress management

The paper UNDERSTANDING AND MANAGING STRESS: PERSPECTIVES FROM in vivo QUANTUM BIOLOGY is just accepted for publication by The Journal of Precision Medicine.
Lead author:  Thomas Padikal, Ph.D., Medical Physicist, Center for Vitality, and Quantum Life Institute, Philadelphia, PA
Co-author: Roland Hennes, M.D., Senior Physician, General and Trauma Surgeon, Department of Surgery, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany.

At a primal level electrostatic charge, quantum coherence, entanglement, quantum tunneling, self assembly and quantum autopilots drive our structure and function, including metabolism, molecular dynamics and wellness. Whereas classical biology intervenes with drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, self assembly is a natural process that optimizes structure and function, and wellness and vitality, with no side effects. You can achieve peak health and well-being naturally using in vivo quantum biology

Our heritage: Do you really know what all you have inherited?

One of our inheritances, our physical structure, is not a serendipitous quirk of nature. It is an evolutionary result channeled by physical laws that mandate certain solutions to extract every possible structural ability we come with, such as walking, running, climbing, biking, dancing, hunting, thinking, talking, swimming, laughing, working, cooking, studying, driving, skiing, love-making, and more. It literally took millions of years of optimization. The keen intelligence of the molecular machines that self assemble our body is amazing. 

Discover more in the next Online Class. Don't squander away your inheritance by playing small... -- TP    March 29, 2017        It's easy to signup for the Online Class.

Structure, Biology, Quantum Physics and Optimization

The structure of the dragonfly wing is not a serendipitous quirk of evolution. It is an evolutionary result channeled by physical laws that mandate certain solutions to extract every possible amount of lift and thrust. It is optimization at its best that makes me marvel at the enormous intelligence of the molecular machines that make up the parts that self assembles the dragon fly.    - TP March 21, 2017
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It's alive, but is it life? Synthetic Biology and our future

I'll be at the World Science Festival again this year in NY.
Biologists have been reading and editing DNA. Recent developments are giving scientists the power to write it. So instead of tinkering with existing life forms, synthetic biologists are on the verge of writing the DNA of a living organism from scratch. In a decade, or sooner, we may see the first synthetic human genome.  This video, recorded at WSF in 2016, is a heart thumping 'adventure of modern science.' Join a distinguished group of synthetic biologists, geneticists and bio-engineers who are edging closer to breathing life into matter. -- TP   March 7, 2017  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_pfCtSWF4

What is intrinsic imaging? Is it related to Consciousness?

We've made impressive progress in building diagnostic medical imaging tools (MRI, PET, CT Molecular Imaging, fMRI and more)
Our capacity in healing what ails us, however, has not been nearly as satisfying. On the horizon now is the possibility that we will be able to treat patients at the molecular level in the next 10 to 15 years – maybe even sooner. The progress in Quantum Biology, Epigenetics and Genomics is picking up dizzying speed. We – you and I – must get involved and participate to keep up that momentum. What will you do? Some things I'm playing with to raise consciousness in community are listed in the link. - TP  Feb 21, 2017  You can choose from an array of options.