Championing Your Life with in vivo Quantum Biology. Naturally.

Thomas Padikal, Ph.D.
 Philadelphia, PA
 Marie Forssell
 Kungsbacka, Sweden
 Rebecca Milora, M.S.
 Yardley, PA
 Anne Sellden
 Gothenburg, Sweden
 Marilee Murphy, M.S.
 Ithaca, NY
 Tina Marie Nawn, CMT
 Hainesport, NJ
 Ellen Sayers, M.A.
 Canines only, Hainesport, NJ
 Anna Ekman
 Kungsbacka, Sweden
 Lois Libby Juster, M.S.
 Minneapolis, MN
 Michael Triplett, M.S.
 Princeton, NJ
 Sandra Kuffner, M.A.
 Houston, TX
 Shelby Robinson
 Hellertown, PA
 Daryl Polansky
 Philadelphia, PA
 Ivan Vazquez
 Willingboro, NJ
 Latia Johnson
 Lansdale, PA
 Kristina McDaniel
 Midtown Heights, TX
 Billie Martin, DDS, DC
 Bellaire, TX
 Sonja Small
 Cypress Creek, TX
 Debbie Cutler
 Bellaire, TX
 Anne Valentine
 Dallas, TX
 Kristen Dalseg
 Dallas, TX
 Michael Simmons, M.D.
 Frontenac, KS
 Roland Hennes, M.D.
 Heidelberg, Germany
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Optimization of life is much more effective when you are not negotiating a well-being issue.

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Too far away? Don't like to travel? Have your own MRS system? We have good news. Video conference sessions are easy and effective.
Make a payment in advance, and reserve a time with mutual agreement.

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Well-being is precious. In certain situations, when you are unable to come to us, we may be willing to come to you. Yes, we make house calls - we can be a little old fashioned, and fastidious that way! There will be a zone charge added to the basic fee; it is related to the distance and travel expenses. Make a payment in advance, and reserve a time with mutual agreement.

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Passionate about championing your well-being?  We are too! Our scientists have perfected the HYPER-FRACTIONATION PROTOCOL.

Wondering how it works? Every living organism ekes out order from disorder. However, de-phasing is a phenomenon that naturally occurs from just plain living. The time it takes for alignment to decline varies from person to person. For instance, if you are a "worrier" it happens more rapidly than if you are a monk or a yogi. You can counteract this through multiple sessions - every day for five days. The repeated re-alignments accelerate well-being to a level that exceeds a sporadic visit or two. You will be quite impressed by the outcome! Once again, there are no adverse side effects and the benefit-risk ratio is huge. The second row in the figure at right shows the increase in alignment that can be expected upon completion of a session compared to your arrival (top row.) The chariot metaphorically shows your organs and the horses show the reaction centers. If you like to know more about alignment and how it affects well-being, read about it in CHAMPIONING YOUR WELL-BEING (Included free for the five day intensive clients)  The cost for the residential program varies between $250 to $975 per day. Make a reservation with a deposit. Please review your schedule, choose the dates that work best, and enter it below just before pressing Add to Cart. We will call you to confirm and work out the details. The deposit helps us to move forward with velocity for your visit. Thank you!