Championing Your Life with in vivo Quantum Biology. Naturally.

in vivo Quantum Biology and Life Workshop Atlanta, GA

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Sunday January 21, 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Atlanta, GA  (map)

Life is an extraordinary gift. Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.

The ‘most important scientific discovery of our times’ is that every one of us – and everything around us – is a collection of fine elementary particles. Since subatomic particles follow the rules of quantum mechanics, who-we-are-biologically arises from who-we-are-quantum-mechanically! This has profound consequences.

For instance, in classical biology we study structure and function as local phenomena. Quantum physics makes it clear that it is only partially true. Non-local action-at-a-distance may frequently “drive local biology by setting the stage,” as in the endocrine system. In Vivo Quantum Biology and Holographic Life may be far more important than we realized!

Given that such quantum phenomena are counter-intuitive –or even bizarre– analytical reasoning and rational approaches may not suffice. Integrating them into our lives may require embracing new Practices.

For instance, upon becoming conscious (Holographic Awareness) we can instantly “upload” and “download” cosmic intelligence – a process that is quite different than hard work or cognitive struggle – through quantum entanglement. It also activates and upgrades numerous Quantum Auto-Pilots in our body. As a result, disease can NOT sprout or manifest in our body. For such a conscious being “fixing” physical problems with drugs, knives, radiation and chemo is bizarre and incomprehensible. Through the process of Integration of Consciousness you'll experience a shift in your human potential and performance, brought about by quantum entanglement and your quantum auto-pilots. Similarities to the third eye Chakra will be highlighted. Will be accompanied by an experiential session on Integration of Consciousness – priceless!