Championing Your Life with in vivo Quantum Biology. Naturally.

Online Class: 2PM

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Wednesday April 18, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Weekly on Wednesday

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It hardly needs stating that quantum mechanics plays an important role in biology since it underlies the nature of atomic and molecular structure, and therefore the nature of molecular shapes and bonding, and hence the templating functions of nucleic acids and the specifity of proteins. In other words, quantum mechanics underpins at the most fundamentallevel the machinery of life itself.


In this class we are taking this opportunity to a deeper level. First, quantum mechanics may play much more than this basic role of determining molecular structure, bonding, folding and chemical affinity. After all, biology is based on chemistry, which in turn is subject to quantum principles such as Pauli's Exclusion Principle. Thus, a number of the more counterintuitive features of the theory such as quantum superposition, entanglement, tunneling and decoherence, may also turn out to play a vital role in life. Rather than use Schrodinger's equation and complex Matrix mechanics, we will use pictures to convey the underlying quantum principles.


Second, it may be possible to use our quantum body as a raft, not only to navigate the unfamiliar and magical waters of quantum physics, but also the unified field, arriving at the infinitely rich horizon/ocean of consciousness!


There is a legitimate desire to understand if the Grand Unified Field and the Field of Consciousness is one and the same -- or have common characteristics. This ten week class is in response to such demand.