Championing Your Life with in vivo Quantum Biology. Naturally.

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CHAMPIONING YOUR WELL-BEING    Sneak Previews and Praises:


“While Quantum Biology is fraught with the strangeness of quantum mechanics and the complexities of biology, this introductory book is made comprehensible – and a fascinating read – by transforming it into an intimate subject matter for every human being: In vivo Quantum Biology.
Readable, personal and intimate, this book is a must study for everyone, even if you have no well-being issues. A pioneering work that is founded on a century of science, it is ground breaking, practical and filled with nuggets of quantum biological wisdom.”                            
Douglas Kelly, M.D., Radiation Oncologist, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Tulsa, OK

“Dr. Padikal is brilliant in his approach of birthing In Vivo Quantum Biology from the womb of science into the embrace of ordinary beings.

I call this being a gap rider.

For all who read this book and become intimate with the practices, expect an abundance of vitality and well-being in your life!”
Patty O’Sullivan, Ph.D., Santa Fe, NM

 “A rare opportunity!

Exotic in vivo quantum biology made comprehensible by hands-on approach by an experimental physicist, turned hands-on clinical physicist, turned QB practitioner with vast clinical experience and a heart of gold! Even if you retained a small fraction of what is covered between the covers, this book is literally a steal for this price. I would never pictured "writer's block" arises from the quantum world. That's amazing! ” 
Tony Ninan, J.D., CFE, Tax of USA, White Plains, NY

“This is a gem of a find.

Utilizing quantum biology for peak vitality, wellness and well-being may require coaching for some of us. Fortunately for those of us Dr. Padikal’s hands on QB sessions are life altering!

I know!”  
Ellen Sayers, M.A, Hainesport, NJ

From inside the book: 

“… let’s say one of your internal sub-systems (say for instance the pineal gland) has ten active centers. We show its energy state metaphorically as horses drawing a chariot. If all horses are aligned as shown in the bottom row, the chariot will begin moving. However, if half the horses pull in direct opposition to the other half, as shown in the top row, the lack of alignment will result in no movement. Such dynamics in our quantum world are governed by coherence and phase.”