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How then shall we live?

One of the core initiatives of Science and Spirituality is EXPLORATION.

Although the study of electrons in the human body has evolved over a century, our holographic nature still remains somewhat mysterious. One of the principal goals of SandS is to continue to shed more light on it. While biologists continue to make significant contributions to our understanding of life sciences, quantum mechanics is discovering its underpinnings such as quantum tunneling, superposition and quantum entanglement, to name a few. Our own body is a treasure-house of these magical quantum occurrences, manifest through mirror neurons, felt senses, and inexplicable miracles.

Fact is, our quantum nature is giving rise to not only quantum biology, but also classical biology. That is to say, by listening to the clients describe their maladies, we get to eves-drop on the underlying quantum biology! You might have known there are over trillion trillion electrons in our body - moving rhythmically. For the most part we are not consciously aware of them - or their dance - unless the dance is disrupted or it reaches a crescendo. They were an integral part of creation while the universe was being"cooked" into existence at over thirteen billions degrees - before elements, molecules or even the atoms were formed. What if the magic of creation is embedded within them? An integral part of the cosmos now, they vigorously "dance us into existence". Our capacity for awareness (as in awareness of our surroundings) is mediated by the electrons as well. Intra-cellular and inter-cellular communications are also mediated by them - through electron transport, quantum entanglement and electron tunneling. Interruptions to any of these can lead to disruptions - including malfunction, discomfort and pain.

At Science and Spirituality we are engaged in these inquiries:

A. Quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of small objects. It's not possible to observe a quantum mechanical system without changing it. So, the “observer must be considered part of the system being observed." Yes, we create our world.

B. Quantum objects are usually represented by a mixture of different states. When an observation is made, or an interaction occurs, an associated wave function "comes alive."

C. Since the subsystems that make us up - such as the endocrine system and the nervous system - are ultimately quantum mechanical, we take up the following three additional in vivo quantum biological inquiries.

1. If we romance our quantum self, can we expect to awaken and let lose more of our hidden Glory and Majesty?

2. If we become more malleable, can we expect to experience a sort of Cosmic Connection and Holographic Bliss?

3.  If we take up the Practice of Observing, can we expect to spawn a Created Life -- and enrich the Quality of our Lives?

4. As we transition into the fuzzy domain of quantum physics, where our sure-footedness is no longer so sure, we come face to face with physics encountering Consciousness. The symmetry between Consciousness and the Grand Unified Field is rather striking.

5. By juxtaposing science and mysticism it is possible to enter a blissful state where we can “download” and “upload” cosmic intelligence and experience our holographic nature. In this state disease can NOT sprout in our quantum body.

“Remember, it took 13.8 billion years of ‘evolutionary work’ to get us to this point, to conceive such thoughts and articulate such questions! In vivo quantum biology is a fantastic looking glass of life! Befriending our holographic nature,” says Tom Padikal with childlike wonderment in his eyes, “is likely to be a most rewarding and transformative episode in your life!" If I were to poke my head through a wall and peer into the next room, and withdraw my head without leaving a trace, you will be impressed, right? What if such intracellular communication is rampant in our body! Even more amazing, what if one electron when "entangled" with another, is able to sense the other and respond instantly even when separated by considerable "distance"? What if empathic feelings aroused by mirror neurons are manifestations of such quantum entanglement? What if primal romantic attractions mediated by mirror neurons are manifestations of quantum entanglement? Our body is a treasure-house of such magical quantum phenomena. The electrons in our body source a mystical rhythm seemingly unimpeded by the cell walls.

Holographic Awareness can instantly “upload” and “download” cosmic intelligence with ease. This process is quite different than hard work or cognitive struggle. A result of quantum entanglement, this process also activates and upgrades numerous Quantum Auto-Pilots in our body. As a result, disease can NOT sprout or manifest in our body, making “fixing” diseases with drugs, knives, radiation and chemo unnecessary. By taking part in the many services offered by SandS you'll experience a natural shift in your human potential and performance, brought about by the deployment of your quantum auto-pilots and holographic downloading. Take advantage of these "futuristic" services today.

It is important to take a look at the context of our life. The UNIVERSE is OUR HABITAT. It is pretty big. The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist. According to our current understanding, the Universe consists of space-time, forms of energy (including electromagnetic radiation and matter), and the physical laws that relate them. The Universe encompasses all of life, all of history, and even our knowledge base that includes mathematics and logic.

The Universe is composed of dark energy, dark matter, and ordinary matter. Other contents are electromagnetic radiation (estimated to be from 0.005% to close to 0.01%) and antimatter. The amount of electromagnetic radiation within the universe has decreased by 1/2 in the past 2 billion years. The proportion of matter and energy has changed over the history of the Universe. Today, ordinary matter, which includes atoms, stars, galaxies, and life, accounts for nearly 4.9% of the contents of the Universe. The density of this type of matter is very low, roughly 4.5 × 10(−31) grams per cubic centimeter, or a density of about one proton for every four cubic meters of volume. The nature of both dark energy and dark matter is unknown. Dark matter, a mysterious form of matter that has not yet been identified, accounts for 26.8% of the contents. Dark energy, which is the energy of empty space and that is causing the expansion of the Universe to accelerate, accounts for the remaining 68.3% of the contents. In short, in spite of our dramatic scientific achievements, there is a lot we really do not know. All of physics, chemistry and biology suffer from this limitation -- for instance dark matter rarely interacts with ordinary matter, and therefore, remain elusive.

At the turn of the century, one of our board members, Dr. Thomas Padikal, introduced the universal coefficient of life L defined by the simple yet deeply insightful equation L= CxQ/S where Q is the propensity for quantum entanglement and S is the entropy of a quantum system. C is a parameter that changes slowly with the age of the cosmos. In general 0< L <1. At its lower limit the propensity for life diminishes to zero, whereas it goes up as L goes up. Life, then, is the art and practice of taming entropy from disorderly (unusable) energy to orderly (usable) energy. Looked through this lens then, life energy is embedded throughout our cosmos. Living systems have successfully learned to use quantum entanglement to extract this embedded energy. Life must be abundant in the universe.

The answer to the 2nd question raised in the beginning of this section, then, is to live in such a way as to promote quantum entanglement - which takes on the form of love and empathy in our daily living - in every millisecond of life. Notice, however, if L falls below Lc, a critical limit below which this process cannot be kept up, the eventual demise of the living quantum system (human beings included) is inevitable. 'Eventual,' according to my estimates, is less than 10 human generations if the present rate of decay of L continues. Evidence for its decay can be seen in the massive exponential growth of "information" (read both useful, not so useful and useless information) as a result of "disruptive" (read entropic) technology and our inability to sift through the massive data (read not-so-rapid growth of human cognitive power to choose) -- collectively giving rise to a declining ratio of Q/S making life untenable. When this happens, the die is cast for L to fall.

Given that I love life, the question I've been asking myself has been: "Is there a legitimate way to raise the Q/S ratio?" Stephen Hawking, an eminent theoretical physicist and Professor at Oxford, has said, in effect, "to get out of here fast, to another universe." I am not so pessimistic and like to suggest that as our desire for life goes up through active participation, the Quantum Entanglement/Entropy ratio also goes up. It requires an intelligent society with awareness of this universal processes -- indeed awareness may trump pure rationality -- to stimulate the Q/S ratio to go up. Indeed Q can be increased through processes that promote quantum entanglement - such as love and empathy. In this connection, SandS has been offering a series of Online classes for the last six years -- classes on quantum biology, consciousness, awareness and holographic life They are generally well received by those who attend, but enrollment and registration has been weak. In other words, we don't know what we don't know. In my estimation there's urgency to this work. It must be expedited and registration increased swiftly to create an impact on L at the societal level. If you followed me this far, you probably can see that life can be prolonged beyond 10 generations, but it requires an unprecedented investment in Q/S ratio. The answer to the question raised in the beginning of this piece, then, is to live in such a way as to promote quantum entanglement - such as love and empathy - in every millisecond of life.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance – instead, one quantum state must be described for the system as a whole. This is also the basis of holographic life. Every electron in my body is quantum entangled with electrons in the farthest reaches of the cosmos resulting in instant cosmic connection. So "I am holographic and I am the hologram."

SPECIAL TOPICS: Entropy and Quality of Life, Quantum Entanglement and Quality of Life, Life as Hologram, Holographic Life and Quality of Life. 

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